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Find unique, ready to ship animal taxidermy mounts, animal rugs and pelts, horns and antlers of great quality at great prices! We ship non - CITES animals around the world, including the United States, Brazil and South America, England, France and Europe, India, China, Japan, Australia, Africa and more, with U.S. Fish and Wildlife permits. These unique animal mounts are great for collectors and museums and are perfect wildlife decor items and enhance your home, log cabin or office. The range includes mounted animals and products, including animal head mounts, life - size mounts, shoulder mounts, antler racks, horn racks, skulls and skeletons, unique, weird and odd mounts, collectible specimens, as well as information regarding renting taxidermy for your productions or events.

Antler racks make the perfect decorator wall accent or natural gift and are ideal decoration for any Western or wildlife - themed home, office, bar or restaurant. antlers on wood plaques, antlers with real skulls attached, antler sheds and drops, antlers in velvet, antlers with bone, fur and leather caps, antler coat racks and more are available today.

skulls make a great addition to the classroom as teaching aids or as decorator accent items for any wildlife - themed home. Skulls are sold as is and all have natural imperfections. For a more educational and scientific specimen, find the articulated skeletons of a cat, goat, rabbit, snake, and frog on display plaques, perfect for your laboratory display case or classroom specimen collection.

Furry tails make stylish accents to handbags, hats or jeans as well as decorative accents for your log cabin or contemporary chic decor. They clip on with a keychain clip. These tails make great gifts for nature lovers or hunters. The product range includes Armadillo Tails to Marlin and Sailfish Tails.


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The Taxidermists Woodshop Solid Black Walnut European... view
$32.00 - $29.91
The Taxidermists Woodshop Black Walnut European Mount... view
$43.48 - $43.48
The Taxidermists Woodshop Solid Oak Arrowhead European... view
$29.50 - $29.50
The Taxidermists Woodshop Solid Rustic Beech European... view
$28.00 - $27.00

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