Talk about taking taxidermy personally

Intriguingly, the world of taxidermy is coming to fashion now - a - days. Yes, Fashion jewelry is now being made using taxidermy. Sounds creepy? Or chic maybe; well, for some.

Designers are now creating incredible pieces of fashion jewelry by sourcing from organically sound deceased creatures. Certainly enough the collection of these creatures is done in an approved manner and animals are picked being victims of road kill or pest control measures or natural death. No intended harm is done to animals for the creation of fashion accessories.

Designers consider this as giving a ‘second life’ to these beautiful creatures by turning them into wearable accessories. Usually these are made in combination with leather and jewelery to create accessories.

The product range is equally varied in this segment. Form headpieces, bow ties, hair combs, purses and handbags are just some of them. Even though the subject of death is still considered to be a taboo, these works of art are slowly gaining acceptance and recognition as their artists.

A taxidermy artist, Julia da Ville, is quoted saying:

‘Death is a taboo subject. We are so obsessed with looking young, finding ways to prolong life. We need to remember that every day is important. I want to inspire people to contemplate their own mortality in a positive way. I am not a morbid person but I am not afraid of acknowledging that I am mortal. I consider my taxidermy to be a celebration of life, a preservation of something beautiful.’

Taxidermy is now gaining popularity as a fashion choice. For events such as weddings, creative headpieces made of bird wings are in demand as they can give scope for a lot of creativity and color.

Accessories are made by order or ready pieces are available online for purchase.


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